Labour Dept calls on unions to report companies flouting Covid-19 measures

Labour Dept calls on unions to report companies flouting Covid-19 measures

4 May 2020 by Qama Qukula

With many workers returning to work under level 4, the Labour Department has asked unions to help keep a lookout for non-compliance.

Businesses will be required to implement stringent measures to contain the spread of Covid-19 in their workplaces.

The measures include:

  • screening of workers for Covid-19 symptoms
  • social distancing (1.5 meters between workers)
  • providing protective equipment such as hand sanitisers and masks
  • reporting positive Covid-19 cases to the relevant health authorities
  • conducting a risk assessment for all workplaces
  • creating a Covid-19 workplace plan and keeping a copy around for inspection
  • appointing a designated Covid-19 compliance manager for each workplace
  • disinfecting surfaces, equipment and other common areas regularly
  • providing adequate facilities for handwashing
  • granting paid sick leave to employees with Covid-19 symptoms

Labour Minister Thulas Nxesi held a media briefing on Sunday warning that companies would be shut down for failing to comply with the stringent measures.

He announced that employers will have to provide employees with at least two cloth masks, free of charge, to wear in the workplace and while commuting.

Meanwhile, the department’s acting chief inspector Tibor Szana has called on labour unions to report any companies that are flouting the rules.

He says labour inspectors will look into all complaints and reports raised about Covid-19 compliance.

We would like the unions to play a greater role in terms of monitoring what is taking place…. we will investigate anything that they raise with us.

Tibor Szana, Acting Chief Inspector – Department Of Labour

Szana says the level of Covi-19 non-compliance peaked on Thursday last week, on the eve of the level 4 lockdown.

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