EECMS proves to be excellent employment equity consultants

EECMS supported several entities in more than seventy (70) Director General reviews (the highest form of inspection), of which all their clients were cleared without receiving any penalties.

They offer their clients a broad scope of work, including, but not limited to an audit procedure to determine your current employment equity compliance status, facilitating the establishment of your Employment Equity Committee and providing training on the Employment Equity Act.

EECMS uses a compliance system to develop and implement several policies, especially the Employment Equity Plan and Economically Active Population Analysis and they submit your employment equity reports. Their website provides an extensive list of how they can assist you to be in full compliance with the act.

EECMS presents interactive webinars during the year. Visit the link if you want to attend.

To visit their website, click on the following link:, or alternatively you can contact CP on 079 847 1750.