EFF says restaurant visit was about ensuring coexistence

22 January 2022 by Jehran Naidoo 

Durban – EFF secretary-general Marshall Dlamini said the reason the party conducted inspections at restaurants in Gauteng this week was to ensure coexistence among African people in the hospitality sector.

Dlamini said the party remained firm in its stance on pan-Africanism, but employers should prioritise South Africans when making recruitment decisions.

He asked why workers in the sector who were not South African citizens didn’t get a contract of employment but were employed verbally.

“The visit by the president and commander-in-chief was to engage with the business owners and business industry in this country.

“They must come on board to make sure that there’s coexistence between our African brothers and sisters and ourselves…

“… because we think with the way things are, especially by those in the industry, they created a conflict between our own people because they are the ones who employ our people and the ones who are exploiting them.

“So ours is to make sure that there is no exploitation, our people are being treated fairly.

“Yes we prioritise South Africans but our brothers in Mozambique and Zimbabwe, we know what they did for this country when this country was in need of them,” Dlamini said.

The EFF’s restaurant visit caused a stir in the public, when leader Julius Malema was seen visiting private businesses.

Malema was also seen getting into a debate with the manager of Kream Restaurant over whether or not the red berets could enter the premises and inspect their labour policies.

Malema told the manager that he was a member of Parliament and did not need any permission to enter.