The minister of 30% education must go'

20 January 2022

Angie Motshekga was appointed to the position of Minister of Basic Education (DBE) in 2009. It has been close-on 13 years since she took over a department that oversees the education of over 12 million young South Africans. 

Motshekga has failed to deliver quality education that is market relevant and globally competitive. South Africa loses half of every learner cohort that enters the school system by the end of the 12-year schooling period. 

Two out of ten learners drop out of school after Grade 3, four out of ten after Grade 9, six out of ten after Grade 10 and 7.3 after Grade 11. The underperformance of government in addressing this widens the inequality gap in society and undermines the future of millions of young people. 

In addition to high numbers of learner dropouts, remaining students have not been served well by the system. The performance of Minister Motshekga has been disastrous. 

The DBE’s own Diagnostics Report shows that the overwhelming majority of students who take crucial subjects in matric attain less than 50% in those subjects. The Report’s data shows that over the past six-year period (2015 – 2020), a concerningly small percentage of students who wrote the matric exams achieved 50% or higher in crucial subjects. These are: Mathematics (21.3%); Physical Science (27.1%); Accounting (28.8%); Life Sciences (29.6%); Economics (20.7%) and Business Studies (28.4). 

Eight out of every 10 children in South Africa cannot read for meaning by the age of 10. According to the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS), an international, 78% of Grade 4 learners in South Africa cannot read for meaning. 

These results affect the market – they affect the unemployment crisis. It is common cause that levels of education impacts one’s employment prospects. According to the past four quarterly labour force surveys (QLFS), the highest percentages of unemployment are observed in sections of the labour force with less than a matric school leaving certificate at 39.1%.

This closely is followed by those with only a matric certificate at 36.6%.  Effectively 75.7% of those who are unemployed have only a matric certificate or less.  In addition, 3,4 million (33,0%) out of 10,2 million young people aged 15-24 years are not in employment, education, or training (NEET). 

Minister Motshekga manages one of the largest budgets in the country of R280 billion and this is significantly more than neighbouring countries spend. We are not getting value for money. Her rank failure cannot continue any longer.

We call for her immediate resignation and replacement with someone who believes in the talent of our youth; and who does the work to make this country globally competitive. 

Mr President, the evidence is clear. The 30% Minister Angie Motshekga must be fired now. 

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